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Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat
Fiberglass chopped strand mat (briefly as CSM) is an unwoven fiberglass reinforcement consisting of randomly distributed chopped strands held together with powder or emulsion binder.
Spray up Roving for HOBOS
Spray up Roving for HOBOS are especially designed to achieve excellent performance for HOBOS pipe. The roving can wet out very fast and well-distributed in pipe. This roving can confirm pipe high strength and smooth finish. This type of roving is best choice for GRP HOBOS pipe manufacture
E-glass Multiaxial Fabric
Multiaxial fabric is also called D.O.S-Directionally Oreintated Structure or NCF-Non Crimp Fabric can be produced in direction 0, °ņ45, 90, for example, unidirecfional fabric, Biaxial fabric,Triaxial fabric, Quardaxial fabric, etc. The input material for the multi-axial can be Fiberglass, Carbon fiber, Aramid or mixed f
Unidirectional fabric
Unidirectional fabric include 0°„and 90°„fabric, The density of 0°„unidirectional fabric is 300g/m2°™ 900g/m2 and the density of 90°„unidirectional fabric is 150g/m2-1200g/m2. The product is mainly used in making tubes and blades of wind power turbines.
Fiberglass Spray Up Roving
The Spray up rovings, treated with silance-based size, are made to achieve good compatibility with various resins.
FRP surfacing mat
FRP surfacing mat is mainly used in the surface layers of FRP products. This line of product falls into two categories: wrap type CSXX30 series and hand lay up type BMT series.
AR Glassfibre Spray up Roving
AR Glassfibre Spray up Roving is used to manufacture the GRC component when spraying by hand or in roboticized manufacture. It is suited for low-alkalinity cement aluminum sulfate to enhance the product which is based on the strength; it is especially designed for the component of GRC wallboard, civil engineering and es
AR chopped strand
AR GLASSFIBRE CHOPPED STRAND is a high integrity AR glass fiber chopped strand designed for using in dry mix systems or other premixing processes for subsequent moulding into a GRC component. This kind of chopped strand has a sizing system optimized for abrasion resistance and strand integrity during blending with dry m
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