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Waterproof membrane
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Fiberglass surfacing mat
FRP surfacing mat
FRP surfacing mat is mainly used in the surface layers of FRP products. This line of product falls into two categories: wrap type CSXX30 series and hand lay up type BMT series.
Roofing Surfacing Mat
C-DH MAT(Roofing surfacing mat ) is mainly used as substrates for water¨Cproof materials. The longitudinal strength and tear resistance canbe improved further by incorporating reinforcements into the mat across its whole width. perforated mat is also available when the mat comes out from a particular punch process.
pipe wrap surfacing mat
Pipe wrap surfacing mat is used as base material for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines that buried underground for oil or gas transportation. The oil or gas pipelines wrapped by C-PM mat pre-impregnated with bitumen or coal tar enamel acquire excellent capabilities against leakage and aggressive media in the en
Battery separator surfacing mat
Battery separator surfacing mat is mainly used as substrate for lead-acid battery speparator plate. The compound separator plate made of C-SAB mat with PVC or rubber coating has the advantages of better mechanic stength and vibration resistance, low mass resistivity, high porosity and large capacity.
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